Crazy Chicken Wanted

Crazy Chicken Wanted 1.0

Crazy Chicken Wanted is a PC game developed by Phenomedia
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Crazy Chicken Wanted is a PC game developed by Phenomedia and distributed by Focus Multimedia. This title is one of the over 30 games that under the name of Crazy Chicken appeared since 1999. Originally developed by a Dutch studio and an advertising agency as as an advertise game for a world-renowned Scottish whiskey brand. Although this funny game wasn't intended for distribution in its origins, it gained great success that resulted in a comic book series, a TV series, and many other stuff.

So, specifically talking about Crazy Chicken Wanted, I must warn you that despite being apparently silly and simple, what we really have here is a highly addictive game. It does not bring a lot of levels (as a matter of fact they are only four) nor an excessive complexity in the gameplay (you will only use the two mouse buttons: left for shooting and right for reloading) neither difficult puzzles or tricks to be solved, however, you will need to practice in order to be accurate not only to shoot as many chicken as possible but also to avoid them from shooting you. There are a few objects to be found in each level and some tasks to be fulfilled. As you can see it is not only a matter of getting the highest score. All this in 90 seconds of time and do not forget to reload every 8 shots.

Graphics and Sound
Amazing "Wild West" 3D graphics and characters, incredible sound effects and very well built background music make of Crazy Chicken Wanted a very suitable game to spend a few free minutes shooting bandit chickens and forget about your daily concerns for a while.

María Noel Balla
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  • Amazing 3D graphics
  • Addictive action


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